Game Server Hosting Agreement
All servers are automatically subject to this hosting agreement. We reserve the right to modify this agreement as we deem necessary. All modifications to this agreement are immediately in effect for any server hosted with It is the server renters responsibility to review this agreement. However, any major changes will be e-mailed to all server renters.

You may change any settings you wish, except the following:

1) You cannot change a private server to a public one, doing so would violate the agreement and result in your Server being disconnected. (However you can switch a Public server to Private).

2) Your space on the server for maps and mods is unlimited WITHIN REASON. If it gets too excessive, we may be forced to limit the amount of space you are using. Basically, if you start using excessive disk space, we will have to enforce a limit. Typically, under 2GB is considered normal usage.

3) You're limited to 10 KB/sec (10000) of bandwidth per user except during clan matches, where we allow you to utilize 25 KB/sec (25000). This is the sv_maxrate setting.

4) Do not change the maximum amount of player slots on your server. You must contact us and purchase additional player slots first.

5) You may not include the password inside the server name for private servers. This is essentially making it a public server, you should purchase a public server if that is what you'd like.

6) A maximum of 2 bots are allowed per server.

7) You are not allowed to change the network port your server runs on. If you need to change your port for any reason please contact us and we'll assist you.

Also, if you lose data you upload to the server, or someone crashes your server, we aren't going to accept liability for it. And finally, reselling of our servers would constitute a violation of the agreement, and your server would be disconnected. Aside from those limitations, you can do just about whatever you want. You can load any number of maps and mods, change any game settings with your rcon password, and otherwise frag away and enjoy the server. We do, however, reserve the right to change settings on the server if something gets out of hand.

Things you CAN do:

1) Upload as many maps and mods as you want, within reason.

2) Change game settings such as game type, game speed, skins, etc...

3) Switch to 25KB/sec per user when you're playing those important clan games (matches).

4) At any time, switch your Public server to Private (such as for a clan match or something).

5) Enjoy some nice lag-free gaming :).

If you have any questions about the agreement, or what you can and cannot do with your server, please drop us an email. The rules are pretty minor, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to using your server.